Storytelling Tools with Elizabeth Rasberry, Lee Freedman, and John Twombly – 2.9

Published by Gina Moravec on

Every business has a story to tell. From humble beginnings to continuous growth, the possibilities for invigorating tales within a company are endless. These are finely crafted narratives that strive to show your business’s mission, values, and vision. 

Today on the Internal Comms Procast, we talk to Elizabeth Rasberry, Lee Freedman, and John Twombly about their favorite storytelling tools, what challenges they faced, and how you can incorporate your own methods for sharing your company’s story.

Stay connected with Elizabeth by following her on Twitter at @erasberry1 If you want to see how Lee is sharing Duke Energy’s story, you can visit their external news site, You can follow Lee on Twitter at @DE_LeeF If you have a passion for cycling and helping others, join John later this September at Pedal the Cause.


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