Turning up the Heat in IC: Hottest tools, trends, and tech for internal communicators

At this Rise & Shine event, co-hosted by IABC Greater Cincinnati, attendees left feeling empowered with the knowledge of the latest trends. At our June Internal Comms Pro Rise & Shine Event, we welcomed Tarek Kamil and Damian Dotterweich to discuss the tools and resources that help solve the biggest issues facing internal communicators.

This event included two speakers:

This event’s IC Pro Panel included:

So, let’s highlight some of our favorite IC Pro Tips from our incredible speakers in Cincinnati.

IC Pro Tips:

1. Don’t let history repeat itself

The days of Mad Men in the advertising and marketing world are over. Those industries continue to innovate by introducing new mediums, processes, and technologies. Why should internal communications be left behind?

Our keynote speaker, Tarek Kamil, gave his outlook on where he believes the IC industry is headed. With the average percentage of salary to replace an employee at 80%, internal communications more important than ever.

A study from Internal Comms Pro called the Pain Project has surveyed IC Pros from across the country. The highest ranked pain that internal communicators face is not being able to show value to leadership.

To combat that, Kamil suggests knowing your value drivers, measure your responses, align work with the value provided, and utilize analytics wherever you can.

Using tools & technology is an easy way to convert your communications into results with numerical values. Your leadership team will be far more impressed with your strategy and recognize your value if you put it in a language they understand.

2. Add FUN to facilitate learning

Sometimes, you need to step away from your normal channels and mediums and try something new to engage your staff.

During our Fireside Chat with Damien Dotterweich, we learned that sometimes an unconventional approach to your IC strategy can reap big results.

Don’t be afraid to try out a new format that you’re not used to! If your communications are one article after the other you can mix it up by producing short videos or do a desk drop instead.

Dotterweich’s biggest takeaway: get your employees involved. There are always employees in your organization that are looking to share their opinions and just have fun!

There are a few other ways that he involves the 84.51° employees through their communications. He has a section of their weekly email called “Celebrity Lookalikes” where employees can submit co-worker comparisons. He also produces a quarterly video called “The Most Interesting Person at 84.51°” where employees can share their interests outside of work.

These fun ideas ultimately create a more personalized, culture-building experience for the employees at 84.51°. Make your employees excited to open your emails!

3. Prioritize building a strong relationship with IT

Humans are built for relationships but as a communicator, it’s your responsibility to create partnerships with members of your organization’s IT department. Invest time to create a strategic relationship-building plan to help your department with cross-departmental relations.

One of our Expert IC Panelists, Natalie Guzman, discussed the importance of establishing relationships before focusing on communications.

Outside of your department, not many people truly grasp the entirety of what internal communicators are responsible for. Take the time to educate your new IT partners on what you do and your aspirations for the technology that will enhance employee experiences. When it comes to these kinds of discussions – don’t wait to be invited. Invite yourself to the table.

IT may have competing priorities when you’re ready to pitch your next software purchase or update. Focus and align with IT on your top priorities and help your partners understand the importance and ROI of implementing or enhancing technologies.

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