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How to Brew Your Business Case with Outcomes that Sell

At our New York Rise & Shine Event, attendees discussed how they can demand a seat at the table, and prove their department’s value. At this July Internal Comms Pro event, we welcomed Jason Anthoine and Maureen Donnellan to discuss building up your business case and creating an inclusive culture into the workplace.

This event included two speakers:

This event’s IC Pro Panel included:

Let’s highlight some of our favorite IC Pro Tips from our incredible New York speakers!

IC Pro Tips:

1. If you don’t have a seat at the table, build your own

If there was an official internal comms life coach or hype man, keynote speaker, Jason Antoine, Managing Founder of Audacity, would definitely be in the running. Not only does he believe in the importance of internal communicators, but he is calling for #ICPros to demand a seat at the table. How can a brand or organization think they will succeed if their culture isn’t right on the inside first? And how do they expect to get it right without the help of internal communicators?

2. Know. Feel. Do.

When we asked to deliver change to our employees, it’s rare that employees going to be excited about it. Delivery matters. Heather Romero, Acting Director, Strategic Communications for National Grid, utilizes the “Know. Feel. Do.” strategy to be able to deliver the news more empathetically.

  • Know -> First, ask yourself the question “What does my audience know?” Then, “What information do you want them to know?”
  • Feel -> This is the most empathetic portion. Dig into how your audience already feels about the upcoming change or the problems that came with it. How do you want them to feel about this news?
  • Do -> What do your employees do today with this change and what are your actions that you’d like them to take?

3. An inclusive culture impacts the bottom line

“Participation without favoritism is the starting point of inclusion,” says Maureen Donnellan, SVP of Management Performance International. “This requires attention to non-discrimination and basic courtesy.”

During our Fireside Chat, Donnellan explains how each employee longs to feel valued by their organization and a sense of belonging to a group. But ultimately, inclusion is feeling safe at an organization and being empowered to grow.

You can check out her one-pager “Build an Inclusive Culture of Communication that Impacts the Bottom Line” here.

We had a wonderful time in New York and would love to hear more of our #ICPros’ takeaways. Tweet @InternalCommsPro and use the hashtags #ICPro or #RiseandShine to share your experience.

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