Mental Wellness Practices for the Overwhelmed IC Pro

We know you’re busy. Running from meetings, working on big campaigns, and trying to keep everything aligned, you have a lot on your plate. There isn’t a lot of downtime in internal comms.

The stress of working in internal communications tends to follow the IC professional home, leading to a very busy lifestyle.

We’ve created a few ways you can treat yourself at work and improve your mind and body wellness.

Here are eight ways you can do to practice mental wellness in your workplace:

1. Practice Mindfulness

Mindfulness is simply the act of focusing your mind on one particular task. This can involve eating your lunch on your break, writing up a draft, and doing just about anything else that doesn’t have heavy time constraints.

You can practice mindfulness at home as well. When you’re hand-washing the dishes, pay special attention to the task. Don’t rush. Use this time as a sort of reflective, meditative period in which you’re also completing a task that needs to be done.

2. Meditation Breaks

Meditation is commonly practiced in the morning and evenings but it would be a wonderful pick-me-up during lunch. All you need is 5 minutes to recenter yourself and find calm. Headspace is a handy little app you can use to guide your meditations. It’s free to sign up!

3. Drink water

Don’t go for that 2 o’clock coffee. As tempting as it may be, water helps to prevent headaches and has major effects of energy levels. Coffee is a shortcut but water will help you be more productive longer. You’ll be more equip to mentally deal with any challenges thrown your way.

4. Take a walk

Use your lunch break to run to the gym or do something as simple as going for a light ten-minute walk. This can do wonders for your mind and energy levels!

5. Branch Out and Connect With Others in Your Department

Sometimes working in a large office can be lonelier than it should be. Don’t be afraid to branch out and make connections with your coworkers. You’re all in this together, so you might as well be friends! Having people around you that you experience platonic intimacy with at work can aid in stress significantly.

6. Keep a Journal

You’re a communicator for a reason – you know how to effectively communicate! If you think perhaps you’ve lost some communication with yourself, a journal can help you reconnect with your mind.

The beauty of a journal is that you can do whatever you’d like with it. You can track your achievements and daily gratitudes, you can doodle, you can write poems. It’s limitless. And you can let out a lot in the span of a simple hour-long lunch break.

7. Don’t Fall for Monotony

IC is busy, but that doesn’t mean it’s always as exciting as one would like.

Routines make us more efficient and improve how secure and safe we feed, but changing it up a little bit can turn your schedule from tedious to adventurous. Try working in a new space or switching up the order of your day.

8. If You Really Need Help, Reach Out

Mental health is not a joke. If you think you may be suffering from more than just the occasional work-related stress, reaching out and getting help could change your entire life. Remember, seeking help if the greatest sign of strength.