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Internal Comms isn’t painless…

But, we don’t need to tell you that! At each stop of the Rise & Shine Series, Internal Comms Pros like yourself from across the country have shared their biggest pains and areas of opportunity in their organization. Check out the results below!

Help us alleviate pain for more Internal Comms Pros.

Learn how Cerkl can take the pain out of internal communications.

Live Rankings

Ready to learn what pains other internal comms pros are experiencing in the workplace? Check out the live results below!

Each Internal Comms Pro was asked to rank their pains on a scale from 1 to 5 with an answer of 1 being not a pain, an answer of 3 indicating that it is becoming a pain, and 5 meaning that it is an immediate pain. The results are numbers as a percentage of ICPros who answered a 3 (becoming a pain) or above.