A Non-Biased Intranet Shopping Guide

Creepy salespeople, mountains of features, and no clear answers. Oh, the joys of intranet shopping. We’ve been through the wringer and know it’s not quite the same as the beloved Saturday shopping trip to Kohl’s.

However, it’s a necessary evil. Intranets are wonderful platforms to communicate important organization messages. Intranets get beat up a lot since they can sometimes be difficult to use and ignored by employees. That doesn’t have to be your experience though!

It all starts with choosing your intranet vendor. Thankfully, there is no shortage of choices. Whatever your goals, there is an intranet out there to support you. Here are 6 options to include in your shopping research.

Disclaimer: We’re not being paid by any of the vendors included in the guide below. We found these options through our own research.


Jostle was built to help employee communicate, find information, and become more ingrained in the culture.

How are they different? They’ve simplified the navigation and decluttered the intranet experience. The clean user experience draws in employees and enables them to see the important information.

Key Features:

  • Customizable branding
  • Event management
  • Project management
  • Segments
  • Instant messaging and video calls
  • Automatic posting (first day, birthday, and anniversary announcements)
  • G-Suite & O365 Integration

Reviews: 4.5 stars (45 reviews)


Simpplr makes creating a connected and engaged workplace simpler.

How are they different? They focus on the individual employee. Everyone gets a profile but beyond that employees are able to create blogs, follow one another, and advocate for the brand with an approved social content flow.

Key Features:

  • Interactive Employee Profiles
  • Social Following
  • Employee Blogs
  • Events Management
  • Forced Content
  • Metrics
  • Brand Editor  

Reviews: 5 stars (7 reviews)

Jive (Acquired by Aurea)

Jive is focused on being the one-stop-shop for all your business processes. It’s the house for company communications, employee onboarding, HR, and employee support.

How are they different? Jive has a program called Aurea Unlimited. When you buy into one of the products, you unlock an entire suite of software that allow you to seamlessly integrate.

Key Features:

  • Gamification
  • Rich Analytics (community health, impact metrics, and more)
  • Event Management
  • Ideas, Discussions, Polls, and Task Management
  • G-Suite & O365 Integration

Reviews: 4 stars (38 reviews)


Interact connects your organization with simplicity.

How are they different? Interact focuses on support and set up of the intranet for a successful implementation. They have teams of strategists, product managers, techies, designers, and trainers on hand that aide you through it all.

Key Features:

  • Mobile
  • Social Capabilities
  • Personas
  • Broadcasts
  • Content Management
  • Workflow and Forms
  • Forums

Reviews: 5 stars (8 reviews)


Noodle aims to help you inform and engage your employees to increase productivity.

How are they different? Noodle seems like the IT-department’s dream as far as role out goes. They have SSO, 14 intranet apps, local or cloud deployment, and role-based permissions.

Key Features:

  • Event Management
  • Content Management
  • Forums
  • Employee Directory

Reviews: 4.5 stars (27 reviews)


Honey gives employees a simple, central location to find all of the company information and resources.

How are they different? Personalized feeds, simplicity of use, and design. Honey was invented at a design agency in Brooklyn and carries its original birthplace throughout the platform through beautiful design.

Key Features:

  • Calendar Management
  • Content Groups & Topics
  • Media Streaming
  • Social Capabilities
  • Integrations
  • Support Team

Reviews: 5 stars (36 reviews)

These intranet softwares only scratch the surface of what’s available. There are dozens of options. We know it can be overwhelming and you are unsure of who to trust.

Next month, we’re releasing a Software Vendor Vetting Template that will be your cheat sheet during shopping. Stay tuned!