2020 Internal Comms Tech Outlook: Workplace Management Tools

Sometimes more things need to be planned than a pen and notebook can handle. Some programs would help organize your company’s tasks and projects.

Luckily, we have a few suggestions that might do the trick.


Instead of having all of your information scattered through emails, messages, and documents -put everything in one place.

Basecamp combines your projects and chats, keeping everyone in the loop.

Basecamp also helps you keep track of your time and work by keeping all of your progress in one place.

What their customers are saying:

We are always on the road, so having a calendar where everyone can plug in what they’re working on is helpful.

Erin Sherwood
Senior Managing Director – Advanced Learning Institute


Before you hit a roadblock on your project and start questioning who’s doing what task, consider using Trello.

Trello allows you to plan a project timeline in a way that works for your team. You can also specify who does what on cards to represent each task.

Trello makes it easy to understand what is due, when it’s due, and who’s doing the work.


Maybe you have a more spreadsheet-based team. Smartsheet makes data and planning easy to understand through, you guessed it, spreadsheets!

Smartsheet has multiple templates to choose from that allow you to organize projects in a way that makes the most sense for your team.

Smartsheet also provides a dashboard to organize your progress in a way that is easy for everyone on your team to read.


You like the idea behind Slack and Trello, but is there a program purposefully designed for a specific browser or phone. This is where ClickUp comes in.

It has all the features of Slack and Trello, just designed for better phone and browser use!

ClickUp works on basically any internet browser and allows you to change the way you view your workload and projects.

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