2020 Internal Comms Tech Outlook: Survey Solutions

While they may not be the most fun aspect of the job, surveys are essential to getting employee feedback. We understand it can be a pain to design or fill out surveys in the middle of your busy work schedule.
We found quite a few programs that will not only help make surveys easier to create but get employees excited to take them.

Culture Amp

It can be difficult sometimes to figure out what exactly the data we’ve gathered means for our company. Culture Amp helps to categorize the data and decipher what it means.

Culture Amp analyzes what types of questions and survey elements help your survey perform better and engage your audience.

If specific questions aren’t working for your organization, Culture Amp has on-staff psychologists to help you find the right questions to ask. Culture Amp helps simplify the data in a format that’s easily shareable with your colleagues.


When creating surveys, you want them to be engaging enough in both design and questions that your employees will want to take them.

TypeForm visually engaging surveys grab your employee’s attention and make completing surveys fun. It picks up on what sections your employees respond to positively to help save you time on your next survey creation.

TypeForm also provides a variety of templates for online surveys, quizzes, and more.


Maybe you have no problem gathering data but need a place to store and make sense of it.

SurveyMonkey creates a library of the information you gather from surveys and organizes it in useful and impactful ways – saving you the time it would take to interpret the raw data.

You can also request a customized report on your survey findings. At $25 a month for their basic plan, you’ll have all the help you need to organize data at your fingertips.

Customer Testimonial:

It’s inexpensive, allows quick surveys and exportable results, and can help provide custom follow-ups to those who didn’t complete the survey.

Crystal Klippenstein
Communications Program Manager – Canola Council of Canada

Qualtrics Core XM

It’s essential to know the productivity levels of your company, but it helps to understand how those levels compare to other organizations.

Qualtrics Core XM compares your data to market research to see how your employees compare.

Qualtrics also allows you to analyze employee engagement in a way that’s easy for you to understand.

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