2020 Internal Comms Tech Outlook: Personalization Solutions

Your employees’ inboxes are overflowing with news, spam, and notifications. Personalizing your corporate communications boosts morale and increases engagement. It reminds your employees that they are more than just a number.

“Dear {First.name}” is no longer enough to make your employees feel like you are talking to them on a one-to-one basis. Below are a few of our suggestions on which programs are the best of the best.


Cerkl for Internal Comms

It can be hard to find the time to send personalized messages to your employees.

Luckily, Cerkl makes the process less time consuming while still delivering personalized emails and messages to each one of your employees.

Cerkl is available on any platform or device, making the perfect personalized message all the easier to reach your employees.


Peakon helps analyze employee engagement by pushing out surveys to help measure it.

It then creates dashboards of the data and compares it to competition to see how well you stack up.

Peakon is an excellent choice if you need to gather data to help your company in the future.


Maybe you want a program that works better on your phone.

Beekeeper makes gathering personalized data from surveys much more convenient. It’s also a team messaging system.

Beekeeper is perfect for keeping track of employee engagement and is easy to learn how to use.

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