2020 Internal Comms Tech Outlook: Employee Engagement Solutions

With your organizations continuously growing, it can be challenging to stay in touch with all of your employees. You want to make sure everyone is doing their best work and happy is while doing it! Staying in touch with so many people can seem a bit daunting.

Here are some innovative tools that can help to better engage your employees.


Do you often send out emails to your employees, but wonder why they aren’t getting as many clicks or opens that you were hoping for?

Cerkl is the internal communications solution for you. It’s one of the few players using artificial intelligence in the employee engagement world by using personalized emails and intranet while getting rid of unrelated news to help appeal to your employees.

Thanks to A.I., Cerkl’s easy to use platform loads your content and lets you relax. The data that Cerkl can provide communicators in unmatched. You can see the interests of each subscriber and even potential content opportunities that would engage your employees.

What their customers are saying:

Cerkl allows us to make our newsletter a very reliable resource to our associates which contains relevant information that they actually want to hear and learn about.

Sarah Wice-Courtney
Director of Communications and Public Relations – St. Elizabeth Healthcare



With employees spread across a variety of locations, it can be a challenge for staff to keep in contact with everyone and feel engaged.

Project coordination can be such a hassle. Jostle provides a messaging system that’s as easy as sending a text message.

Video chat and message boards are also available to help distribute work and stay in contact with your employees.


Are you struggling to get a read on your employees’ feelings toward your organization or their position?

With 15Five, employees take 15 minutes to answer five questions once a week that correlate their emotions to your company goals.

These questions can be customized, but default to questions about productivity, feelings, and roadblocks the employee might be facing. This allows for quick and constant feedback from employees to managers.

15Five also enables you to set company objectives to help turn the info you’ve gathered into important benchmarks.


Crisis communications are more urgent than ever before. SnapComms allows you to determine how important the message is to your employees.

You can tag specific alerts with each message depending on how urgently they need attention. You can also customize your company’s computer screens to display important information.

You can use a “panic button” when vital information needs to get to your employees immediately. SnapComms gives you different options to find the best way to communicate with your employees.

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