2020 Internal Comms Tech Outlook: Employee Chat Tools

We’ve all been there: you need to get in contact with an employee ASAP, and an email will take too long. If your employee has a full inbox or is away from their computer, you need a quicker way to get in contact with them.

With these platforms, you can do more than send a message. Check them out!


Do you need a service that can offer text messages, video chat, and helps you store information all in one place?

Slack is a perfect fit. While it acts like a messaging platform, Slack also offers different ways to organize your conversation based on a project or department.

Slack also makes sharing files easy through messaging. If you need help keeping everyone on the same page, Slack has got you covered.

Oh, and if security is a concern – they’ve got you covered with 2FA and SSO (aka some pretty fancy stuff to lock down your data)!

Microsoft Teams

You know you need something like Slack, but you’re a Microsoft kind of team.

Not to worry, Microsoft Teams is up to the task. It also offers both text and video messaging to make team communications run a lot more smoothly.

What their customers have to say:

It helps keep us on the same page in terms of planning & to stay on top of the status of execution of comms.

Margaret Lahey
Associate – Booz Allen Hamilton


Maybe you’re looking for a program that helps with messaging but also can help organize project timelines.

Wrike allows you to build custom workflows and timelines that help share your team’s progress.

Acting as a combination of Slack and Trello, Wrike is a great program to keep work progress and conversations all stored in one place.

Skype for Business

It’s possible you already have an excellent messaging system, but need something quick for a video message.

Skype for Business is a great program to use in a pinch. Not only can you video chat, but you can still send text messages, share files, and screen share progress.

For a basic business call, Skype for Business is a great and simple tool to use.

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