2019 Internal Comms Tech Outlook: Workplace Management Tools

Your head is in 50 places at once right now. We get it – keeping track of what’s next and what’s happening at the moment is something sometimes that a simple notebook and planner can’t handle.

We’ve searched and found the top tools for you to stay organized and power up your work in 2019:


Your Problem:
Your team’s projects and notes are scattered between emails, chat threads, and Word docs.

Their Solution:
Basecamp has pulled together everything you need in one place. It replace chat tools, email threads, document sharing, personal calendars, and our personal favorite… status meeting! Things will no longer slip through the cracks.

You can set on top of all your projects and get down into the weeds in an instant.


Your Problem:
You are wasting too much time with the question “who’s doing what?”

Their Solution:
Trello enables employees to get more work done together. Instead of messing around with the who, what, when, you can store all project details on what Trello calls “cards” – handy overviews of projects that can link to attachments, have embedded checklists, and feedback comments from your team.

Bonus: they’ve created awesome templates for you already so you can get set up in 1 minute!


Your Problem:
You’re missing your deadlines for projects.

Their Solution:
Asana features a lot of the tools that Trello and Basecamp do between messaging, tasks, and a collaborative nature. The one area they stand out in is their calendar integration. You can see what exactly is due when and how it relates to to other projects. You can link projects and notice if one gets delayed, and note the effect it has on the future.

It helps you eliminate roadblocks and pinpoint risks easily to help you always make your deadlines.

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