2019 Internal Comms Tech Outlook: Survey Solutions

Let’s face it – no one likes creating or filling out surveys. They’re often dry and boring but necessary to get the feedback from employees.

Some software technologies out there recognize that surveys can be bland and have spiced them up to increase completion rates. Here’s the best of the best for 2019:


Your Problem:
Employees aren’t completing the surveys you work hard to create.

Their Solution:
Wyzerr has gamified surveys to create a fun way to capture feedback faster. They can capture 25 questions in just 60 seconds of taking a survey with an 83% completion rate. That’s pretty much unheard of.

In 2019, they’ll be launching an AI that turns feedback into insights so you can act instead of spending time analyzing.

Culture Amp

Your Problem:
You aren’t sure what to ask to get the answers you want.

Their Solution:
Culture Amp takes the heavy lifting out with a library of research-backed engagement, pulse, and deep dive surveys. It’s been designed by some of the top organizational psychologists to uncover honest and accurate feedback.

If those questions don’t work for your organization, their on-staff psychologists will work with you to uncover the right questions. The data is given in beautiful, interactive reports that you can share with teammates.


Your Problem:
You need a simpler way to create and send surveys on the fly.

Their Solution:
TypeForm is a drag and drop survey creator. If you’re a heavy logic user or like complex questions, it might be bare bones for you but there is so much beauty in the simplicity.

TypeForm has made it easy to create surveys in 15-20 minutes that you can get you the feedback you need, fast.

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