2019 Internal Comms Tech Outlook: Personalization Solutions

You already know your employees are individuals but we so often treat them like an army – all the same. Being just a number does not help anyone feel engaged or like they truly matter to a company.

There are a couple of innovators who are changing personalization as we speak. Here are the leaders for 2019:


Your Problem:
Employees don’t have visibility into team and individual information on personality, interests, and goals.

Their Solution:
Cloverleaf assesses every teammate using tests like DiSC, StrengthsFinder, Myers-Briggs and their own proprietary Culture Pulse Survey to enable teams to better understand the people they work with. It integrates with personal calendars so that employees can be informed before meeting with their teammates.

For managers, it helps them understand the communication breakdowns within a company and helps you visualize the company to identify where there are “gaps” within company’s skill set.


Your Problem:
You want to send tailored messaging to every employee but you just don’t have the time.

Their Solution:
Cerkl creates tailored messaging to the person based on their actual interests.

People aren’t thrown into segments or groups like most other platforms but instead AI is used to see how they engage with your intranet and all digital communications to curate the perfect message to appear at the right time.


Your Problem:
You don’t have time to push out and analyze surveys.

Their Solution:
Peakon solves your problem by pushing out surveys that measure employee engagement scores and create personalized dashboards for you. Peakon has technology built in to help you retain top talent and see how you stack up against the competition with benchmarks.

The bread and butter are the personalized insights created just for you to make better decisions for your company.

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