2019 Internal Comms Tech Outlook: Graphic Design Solutions

You do a beautiful job on all your engagement initiatives but in the midst of it all, it can be hard to make every graphic picture perfect.

We’ve unearthed the top technologies out there to make your campaigns shines in a couple of clicks:


Your Problem:
You don’t have time to play around with fonts, colors, and reshape images for every platform out there.

Their Solution:
Canva aggregates templates for everything from email headers to flyers to reports. It makes designing simple for beginners and pros alike.

We recommend upgrading to the paid account. It costs $12/month and gives you access to handy features that save you time.


Your Problem:
You have no time to dedicate to create graphics. You need something automated!

Their Solution:
SAWA is an automated graphic design platform that lets you create beautiful, branded message formatted for every channel in literally the click of a button.

SAWA uses AI to turn out designs faster so you can get out of the graphics and back to what you love – engaging your employees.


Your Problem:
You need a on-staff designer but don’t have the budget for one.

Their Solution:
HUE is a subscription service that allows you to have a designer on-demand. You are able to send in unlimited requests for graphics and they’ll turn around files in just three days depending on how large of a request.

The average graphic designer comes at a hefty cost of $3,416/month awhile HUE charges $449/month.

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