2019 Internal Comms Tech Outlook: Employee Engagement Solutions

It’s hard to get a pulse on your employees. There are hundreds or maybe thousands of people that you’re trying to ensure feel happy, stay informed, and are equipped to work their best. That’s an awfully large task.

Here are the top tools to engage your employees:


Your Problem:
You don’t know how employees actually feel and how to correlate their feelings to your company goals.

Their Solution:
15Five solves this problem by creating a continuous feedback loop between managers and employees. Once a week, employees take 15 minutes to answer 5 questions. These questions can be customized but default to questions about productivity, feelings, and roadblocks the employee might be facing.

The real sweet sauce of this platform is the ability to set company objectives and turn qualitative data into powerful quantitative benchmarks.


Your Problem:
Your employees don’t engage with emails or view the intranet and you have no idea why.

Their Solution:
Cerkl is one of the few players using AI in the employee engagement world. They solve this problem by personalizing every email and your intranet at the employee level. They throw out segments and all that jazz, instead focusing on each employee.

It sounds like a lot of work on you but that’s where the AI comes in to play. You load your content in and their platform does the rest.


Your Problem:
You can’t tap into the brilliance of your employees due to scale.

Their Solution:
Vocoli tackes employee feedback in a simple and public way. It’s a new twist on the suggestion box. Everyone in your company can post ideas or challenges their having. Others in the company can reply and collaborate to help them solve their problem.

Vocoli takes a different approach to engage human capital by allowing them to work together, across divisions. Perhaps your company’s next product could be born out of a Vocoli discussion? Who knows!

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