2019 Internal Comms Tech Outlook: Employee Chat Tools

You need an answer NOW but you can’t get in touch with your colleague who is buried in her inbox. We know, we live out of our emails but it doesn’t have to be that way.

Emails are messy and long, so cut the extra and get straight to the meat with employee chat tools. These will change the way your company works and communicates.

Here’s what everyone will be using in 2019:


Your Problem:
You need answers from your teammates in minutes, not hours.

Their Solution:
Slack is the hub for your team and your work. It becomes the knowledge base for your company, laying the ground for important conversations to happen. Slack doesn’t stop at messaging. They have a fleet of powerful integrations to help your company be more productive and happy.

Oh and if security is a concern – they’ve got you covered with 2FA and SSO (aka some pretty fancy stuff to lock down your data!).

Microsoft Teams

Your Problem:
You know you need something like Slack but your a Microsoft team.

Their Solution:
If you’re an Outlook team, it’s easy to make the jump to Microsoft Teams. You can communicate by messaging each other or host video and be conference with anyone in and outside your organization.

It’s similar to Slack, just with less integrations and bedazzle.


Your Problem:
You know you need something like Slack but IT is scared of things operating outside your servers.

Their Solution:
Mattermost is a beautiful and quick way to communicate fast to all your employees. You can send out mass notifications or chat one off with a colleague.

If your company is international, you are going to love their expanded language options.

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